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Dr. Minnah and her office staff were lovely. They were sensitive and flexible to my situation, especially as a transfer patient with a busy schedule. Dr. Minnah went out of her way to take on my case and ensure that I had great care. I am very happy with how my teeth look and will whole-heartedly recommend her to others hoping to improve their smile :)

-Laura L

What our patients are saying?

After all there was a reason that I have waited to have orthodontic treatment for so many years. Dr Minnah and her team have been fabulous to work with. She corrected my overly crowded teeth without pulling a single tooth. Now I am enjoying a perfect smile and occlusion thanks to her exceptional skills and extremely pleasant patient care. Equally recommended for adults and children.

-Ayse O

Highly recommend Dr. Minnah and the team there. I wanted to get lingual braces for a while and consulted with about 10 orthodontists in NYC and Boston before choosing Dr. Minnah, and I’m extremely happy with my decision. This is what you get from her - (1) patience and understanding, (2) quality staff, (3) someone that could talk to adults, (4) very professional service, (5) high quality results.
I had lingual braces on for a little over a year, and (1) had no speech issues (except for the first couple days to adapt), and (2) no one noticed that I had them on. I got the results that I wanted (bite correction and straight teeth) without anyone knowing that I had the braces. I’m an active adult in his early 30s that works in finance and travels a lot for work and pleasure. I could not have asked for a better solution with a better doctor.

-Steve S

For those who haven’t been to an orthodontist in years, I highly suggest Dr Minnah. My permanent bottom retainer that I’ve had for 10 years suddenly broke. Dr Minnah got me in the next day and fixed it - I was in and out. Not to mention, the front staff was warm and welcoming. For a very stressful and unwanted situation (I’m not local), they provided a extremely painless experience and very quick fix!

-Madeline S

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